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Buried penis

Ukopan penis kod dece

A buried penis is a deformity in which a normally formed penis is hidden by the skin and adipose tissue of the pubic region, giving the impression of a short penis.

When does a "buried" penis occur?

A “buried” penis can be:

  • Congenital - when a baby is born with altered anatomy of the genital region, with a large fat pad around the penis.
  • Obtained - Due to obesity and extensive pubic fat, the penis is immersed in surrounding adipose tissue

How is a diagnosis made?

  • Diagnosis is made by clinical examination, which reveals a penis immersed in surrounding adipose tissue and covered with skin
  • When pushing the surrounding skin, the entire body of the penis, of normal anatomical structure and length, appropriate for age, is clearly visible.
  • There is excess fat in the pubic region
  • Phimosis is often associated with this condition. Phimosis is the inability to pull the foreskin over the glans due to a narrow or narrowed prepuce.

What are the complications of a "buried" penis?

  • Urination is difficult because urine often accumulates in the genital region, or drains down the scrotum or thighs.
  • Glans and foreskin infections of the penis are common
  • In adults, it can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Sexual intercourse is impeded or disabled, even if erectile function is preserved.


Ukopan penis kod dece

How is a "buried" penis treated?

Treatment of a buried penis is purely surgical. The aim of the surgery is to free the penis and make sufficient length of the skin of the penis, that is, to achieve excellent functional and aesthetic results.

The operative technique differs depending on whether the operation is performed in children or adult patients.

  • In children, during surgery, the surgeon uses a portion of the foreskin to cover the body of the penis, and then the root of the penis is reconstructed in order to achieve the correct anatomical relationship of the pubic region and the penis.
  • Adult patients with obesity disorders have an operating technique called "monsplasty" with penile skin plastic. The goal of monsplasty is to remove excess fat from the pubic region, thus freeing the body of the penis. The surgical technique adapts to each patient. It is necessary for the operation to be performed by a surgeon who is specialized in the field of genital reconstructive surgery.

What does the postoperative period look like?

  • The patient may be discharged home a few hours after surgery or stay in the hospital for one day. The patient receives antibiotics and pain therapy, if necessary.
  • A compression bandage is needed for the next 7 days.
  • For wounds on the skin, resorptive stitches are generally used, which break down on their own, so they do not need to be removed.
  • Sexual relations are allowed 4 weeks after surgery.

The end result of the operation for the "buried" penis is to achieve the full functionality of the penis with maximum aesthetic effect.

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Before surgery
Before surgery
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Postoperative view
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Before surgery
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View after the correction
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