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Andromedic Academy is a center for the surgical treatment of urogenital anomalies, andrological diseases, transgender conditions, and differences of sexual development. The mission of the Andromedic Academy is to provide education to doctors that have various specialties and levels of expertise in the field of reconstructive urology, genital surgery and transgender medicine. Educational programs are designed individually, depending on the needs and interests of the colleagues. Education has a practical (surgical) and academic aspect. Any colleague interested in the educational program should contact Dr Kojovic, or one of his teammates, to plan a visit to the center and participate in the work of the Andromedic Academy. All educational programs are completely free of charge for all colleagues.


The team of the Andromedic Academy held an education on the topic of reconstructive genital surgery for children and adults. The guests were distinguished colleagues, urologists and pediatric surgeons from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece. Demonstration surgeries for hypospadias, implantation of inflatable and semi-rigid penile prostheses and artificial urethral sphincters, urethral strictures, and laparoscopic sigmoid vaginoplasty were performed at the Institute for Mother and Child Health Care of Serbia "Doctor Vukan Čupić" and Euromedik General Hospital in Belgrade in November 2021.

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Doctor Vladimir Kojović gave a lecture at the Adriatic Urological Forum in Budva in 2021 on the topic of treating incontinence by implanting an artificial artificial sphincter.

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Doctor Marko Marjanović gave a lecture at the 25th Congress of Urologists of Serbia in 2021 on the topic of treating urethral strictures in the pediatric population.

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Doctor  Vladimir Kojović with the team of the Andromedic Academy held a lecture at the 7th Croatian Urology Congress in Poreč in 2021 on treatment modalities for erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

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Doctor Vladimir Kojović with the team from Andromedic Academy held a lecture at the 2nd Hellenic Urological Sections Meeting in Thessaloniki 2021.

The Andromedic Academy team with Doctor Vladimir Kojović held a lecture in Split, Croatia in 2021 on the topic of surgical treatment of gender differentiation and identity disorders.

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