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Aleksandar Spasić, MD - urologist

Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandar Spasić, MD - urologist

Department of Urology

Vladimir Kojovic, MD, PhD - Specijalista urologije i dečije hirurgije

Aleksandar Spasić was born on November 13, 1973, in Niš. He finished Secondary school in Niš with honors. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Niš in 09.06.2001., with an average score of 8.24.

After completion of compulsory medical internship and passing the professional examination in December 2002, he began working as a general practitioner with the rank of second lieutenant in the GA Kraljevo, then obtained the rank of lieutenant on duty Chief Garrison SnSlKraljevo. In June 2004 he was transferred to the manager of GA Pozega, where he remained until 2005, after which he was transferred to the Kraljevo garrison as a doctor in a policlinic of Airport Ladjevci.

He was on specialization of urology at the Military Medical Academy from 2006. In 01.12.2011 he ended specialization with excellent mark.

In 09.03.2012, he was appointed with the rank of Major, as a specialist in urology in the Department of Urology, Military Medical Academy,2nddepartment.

In 2011 he finished the European School of Urology "EUREP", organized by the European Association of Urologists, in Prague.

In 2013 he finished the course "Body Talk", organized by Pfizer, in Vienna. In 2013 he finished school of endoscopic surgery in the organization JUEH (unique association for endoscopic surgery) at Medical Faculty in Belgrade.

In 2014 he completed doctoral studies at the Medical Faculty in Kragujevac. The preparation of the doctoral dissertation is in progress.

In 2015 he finished the course "ESU Hands-on training course on Laparoscopy and Endourology", organized by the European Association of Urology.

In 2017 and 2018, he finished a one-month education in the field of urological laparoscopy in Slovenj Gradec, Republic of Slovenia. Year 2017/2018. he finished a one-year training in the field of reconstructive urogenital surgery with prof. dr Miroslav Đorođević at the University Children's Hospital Belgrade.

In the context of professional training, he participated in numerous conferences, congresses and symposia.

He is author and co-author of many scientific papers presented at national and international professional conferences and papers published in national and international journals.

He is a member of the Serbian Medical Chamber, Serbian Medical Society, the Association of Urologists of Serbia (UUS), Serbian Association of Urology (SUD) and the European




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